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Not know where to find new clients for your fitness business?

Lose track of your leads, watching potential clients slip through the crack?

 Not have enough time in the day to grow your business?

Imagine having so many avenues to find leads that your biggest problem is “which ones
should I choose this month?”

This bulletproof system to track, follow up, and communicate with leads will make sure that everyone that enters your orbit is here to stay.

Stop wasting your time scrolling for answers and say hello to high performance actions.

I’ve spent a decade in the marketing industry helping brands magnetize clients towards them with unique brand positioning. While running a digital creative agency, my outlet for ideas and a recharge was always fitness. 

I snagged a few certifications and eventually became the Global Director of a billion dollar fitness franchise. My whole role was about coaching trainers and studio owners to run a successful fitness business. 

But coaching is always better when you have boots on the ground. So we opened 5 fitness studios in Las Vegas!

When COVID hit, I saw so many trainers branch out on their own with immense skills but struggling with the business end of the industry.

Rebel Boss was born to close that gap. Let me save you the time and money that I’ve spent learning the in’s and out’s of lead generation in my own businesses. I want you to have more leads, more clients, more money, and more impact. 

Oh Hey Babe,
I'm Riley

“Riley’s lead gen strategies have given me the confidence and know-how to create so much momentum in my business. I’m busier than ever, I’ve tripled my revenue, and my community is growing every day.”

“Her powerful coaching has had an enormous impact on my business acumen and ability, and certainly on me personally. Riley’s leadership and encouragement helped reaffirm my own belief in my ability to accomplish my goals and change lives.”

“I have said this so many times, but I am sooo thankful that I took a leap and said yes to this commitment and opportunity. I have taken courses and classes for myself in the past, but I have never done anything like this when it comes to business.”

I've Created Lots of Leads for You if You....

I'm Ready to Buy

Make $5,000/month or less in your fitness business

Are dying to crack that $10,000 mark 

Spend WAYYY too much time on Instagram trying to grow your following to get new clients

Want to get all of your eggs out of the IG basket and have leads coming to you

Are only getting 0-5 new leads a month

Can’t wait to have full classes with shiny new faces knocking down your door to be your client

Ok Riley, Let's Do This!

"This course has been an absolute game changer for my business. I have systems and tools, I am consistently bringing in new clients, and the done-for-you resources made this so simple to implement. 

I'm so happy that I took the plunge and invested in myself and my business."

- Kelley

"Riley has empowered me to create and design the business of my dreams through her sound and practical fitness business mentorship. She has given me the confidence to serve from a place of authentic savageness."

"This is a hardcore badass bootcamp where I stepped into my power as CEO, and formed lifelong friendships. Riley is a living example of what it looks like to to do extraordinary work, and to really advocate for people! I feel like a butterfly emerging in my full engagement, curiosity, and undeniable value!"

"Besides the immeasurable amount of information, guidance, and support she provides, Riley goes above and beyond to ensure you get the absolute most value out of the bootcamp as possible. 
If you want to achieve expansion and prosperity, and grow your dream business confidently, I guarantee Riley will help you get there."


Stepping into CEO

I’m giving you the dirty deets on what it takes to truly be the Rebel Boss of your fitness brand. You will become laser focused on your why, your responsibilities, and how to plan for your success. From a decade of owning businesses and managing teams, I’m spilling the tea on the mindset and actions needed to be unstoppable. 

Let’s be honest, the fitness industry is crowded AF. I’m going to teach you how to find, cultivate, and communicate your unique X factor to stand out among the crowd. We will discover your unique selling proposition, find your perfect client, and increase your brand trust so that everyone knows you’ve got the goods.

Module One

Module Two

Carving out your space on the scene

Rebel Boss Lead System Framework

This module will completely change how you approach leads in your business. I’ll teach you how to move leads through the stages of decision making from a cold stranger to red hot and ready to buy. And if you’ve ever asked, “how often should I be reaching out to these people?” I’ve got you covered with a full outreach strategy.

Chances are, you’re leaving money on the table right now. In this module I’m going to teach you how to pick that low hanging fruit so that even if you don’t reach out to a single new person today, you’ll have more money flowing in. Let me show you where those pockets of cash are in your fitness business and give you the tools to fill yours.

Module three

Module Four

Pick More Money Up Off the Table

Magnetizing Leads Online

If you’ve been haphazardly posting and scrolling online to get more leads, we’re going to change that. We’ll optimize your profiles making it easy for leads to come to you, set your digital strategy, and talk about the other platforms you’re likely not using yet.

Somewhere along the way content creation became a part time gig. But you don’t have time for that! Let me free you up with the perfect content strategy to take you time and effort. Build month’s worth of content in hours not days, and use these strategies to make sure your posts serve a purpose, not just look pretty.

Module Five

Module Six

Your Effortless Content Strategy

Launching Paid Ads

Ok team, here it is. Your step-by-step guide to launching facebook, instagram, and google ads. If you’ve ever wanted to step up to the big leagues and got absolutely overwhelmed by the tech and troubles of paid ads, I’ve got you covered. By the end of this module you can have your digital billboard up for the world to see. 

If your fitness membership is only singing in one note, people are going to get bored and leave. This module will help you create your signature programs and monthly challenges to maintain an engaged audience that wants to bring their friends.

Module Seven

Module Eight

Running Challenges and Programs that Sell Out

Not Yo Mama’s Marketing 

When did we start putting all of our eggs in the social media basket? As an owner of five brick & mortar fitness studios, I know that traditional and grassroots marketing works. In this module I’m teaching you how studios open with 300 members before they’ve even unlocked their doors, so that you can get in on that action too.

I’m all about taking simple actions that lead to big results. If you’re tired of working hard to gain one client at a time, then this module is for you. We’re talking big swing high leverage opportunities that will lead to a windfall of members in your fitness business.

Module Nine

Module Ten

Making Bank with High Leverage Opportunities

All these goods and it keeps getting better!

I want this course to be as turn key as possible, so I'm giving you so many done-for-you resources, spreadsheets, and tools.

- Lead Magnet Templates
($500 value)

- Facebook Ad Templates
($1,000 Value)

- Lead Tracking Spreadsheet
($200 Value)

- Referral Scripts
($300 value)

- Lead conversion calculator
($150 Value)

- Fitness program Bingo Board
($50 Value)

- Marketing Program Planner
($350 Value)

- Forever access to the LOL Course 

- LOL Community Facebook for Questions and Support (Priceless)

- Updated and added modules for hot new trends for the next two years.



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What if this year you...

Stopped seeing your love of fitness as a sacrifice to your big picture revenue dreams?

No longer just had 8-12 people on your zoom classes?

You didn’t have training gaps in your schedule?

You stopped taking what you could get in terms of clients?

Didn’t stress about finding new leads ON TOP of everything else that you need to do?

And Instead....

I Want That

Made your passion an insanely profitable fitness empire.

Had new faces in your packed classes every day.

Trained classes and clients around YOUR schedule, not theirs.

Worked with the clients that you like best because you aren’t desperate

Have a flawless system for bringing in new leads every week so that your funnel is full and your membership is packed.

But Don't Take It
From Me....


What happens when I purchase Lots of Leads?

A: You will get instant access to your course log in and an invitation to the Facebook group via email. You can literally start growing your business T.O.D.A.Y

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! And even better, for the next two years, if any new hot tips or apps come onto the scene, I will add a module and send you an email. You basically just added a lead strategist to your team…

Is it worth it?

If you actually do what’s in this course, absofreakinglutely. For most trainers, the lifetime value of a client is $600 (~$120 a month for 5 months). That means if you get just one client, this course pays for itself. And clients come and go, but knowledge is forever.

Beyond that, I’ve packed this course with so many done-for-you materials that if you were to piecemeal hire a copywriter, designer, marketing strategist, business consultant to create these things you would easily be spending over $10,000.

What if I don’t get any leads.

Literally impossible. Or you just didn’t do the course.

Do you offer refunds?

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, so we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. To get a refund you must submit proof that you’ve completed over 70% of the course videos, workbook, and examples of the implemented program teachings. If you request a refund without the coursework, you will not be granted a refund. We will not provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days following the date of purchase. After 14 days all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

Are you ready to pour gasoline on your fitness business? 

All that you need to do is get your magic in front of the right people and the rest is history.
It’s time to light it up!

Let’s do this